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Commission OPEN

Posted by rimviolet - February 20th, 2020

*The price has been reduced by half.

I have opened a commission reception. A detailed overview of the commission in English is currently being translated.

I am recruiting commissions in one slot every month. If there are multiple requests, the request that can be completed earlier is given priority.

So I will give a brief explanation.

I do not do only sketches and line art.

Full color only.

There are two options for full color.

Simple coloring and normal coloring.

The price for simple coloring is about half of normal coloring.

The full color of the full body is 40 USD. However, this is the price if the character was naked. If the character is wearing a costume, the price will increase depending on the difficulty of the costume design.

Examples of difficult costumes are decorative armor and full body armor. However, depending on the content, I may decline if I determine that it will take too long.

30 USD for half body

20 USD for Bustup

15 USD for Headshot

All prices are for naked. If there are costumes and accessories, the price will increase according to the content.

In the case of Headshot, the price increases mainly depending on the hair accessories. If there are no hair accessories that are difficult to design, it will remain at 30 USD.

What I can draw


Humans, elves, etc. are limited to humans.

Gender can be drawn for both men and women.

I can also draw on the theme of homosexuality (LGBT).

What I can't draw

Robot, machine, creature, monster, old human, syota, loli, super huge parts female (boobs, butt, genitals), guro, gore.

I refuse if the demands are so great that the work is extraordinarily perfect.

Difference between simple coloring and normal coloring

Simple coloring an example

The color of parts such as clothes and skin is almost one color. There is almost no coloring for a three-dimensional effect. Such coloring is only a little.

To put it more clearly, simple coloring works are not particular about the details. It is completed earlier than usual, and the price can be reduced accordingly.



Normal coloring an example

Coloring takes time to give a more three-dimensional effect than simple coloring. Basically, most of the art I post is normal colored works.



The patterns has an optional fee.

If you need a character's clothing and removal patterns, you can do so by adding an optional fee.

Be sure to tell me if you need those patterns before I start production. It cannot be added later.

Example (No naked pattern)

I can also give you a PSD file if you wish. However, if you do not add the pattern option (charged) for clothes removal, it will be as follows.


This is what happens when you hide the clothing layer.

I do not color the skin under the clothing without the option. That is to complete the work faster.


Example (Naked pattern)

If lingerie only want the pattern to the non-display is as follows.


If you need to depict parts that are hidden by clothes or underwear, they will all be subject to an optional fee as an additional pattern.


Price per character

It is simply the base price for the number of people. It costs 80 USD for two naked characters.

Later, for example, if the gender changes completely physically from male to female or female to male (sex change), it will be treated as a character surcharge instead of a pattern option fee.

Please check my work on each SNS.

pixiv and DeviantArt etc.

Recently I haven't porn art drawn much, but I haven't quit porn art draw. So I can draw porn works(NSFW) without any problems.

For questions, contact my Twitter or pixiv.

Email to scatoriossâ– gmail.com

Please change the â–  to @.